Moving onto Intermediate... an exciting and informative experience

Maidstone Enrolment Form for 2017.pdf

Maidstone completes a thorough transition for new students enroling with us. Opportunities include our Open Evening held in Term 2, School in Action Days (Terms 2 & 4) where parents and learners can come and observe Maidstone curriculum programmes live! Mary O'Regan visits local primary schools, and we open up our school for 'a taster of learning at Maidstone' in Term 3, where Year 6's can come and have a tour and their own experience of life at Maidstone with their Year 6 friends. 

We work with many local primary schools to share Maidstone's learning programmes. Term 4 information about each student is passed on in order to place each student in the learning environment best suited to their needs. Individual and small group 'transition' visits can also be arranged to ensure all students are comfortable and prepared for their first year. Parents are always welcome to accompany their children.  (see below for other key dates).  (see specific dates and more information on our enrolment or prospectus page).


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