‘Whiriwhiria ngä mea ki te tupu ake’ – Choose options that will help you grow!

Options 2017 began in Term 2, so we have completed our first cycle. Learners experience three options, one per term to further develop and enhance their skills and talents. We aim to increase life opportunities for learners and this is just one aspect in achieving this. 


Maidstone Options 2017…. Selection information

Recreational & Crafts (List A)

Student Teacher Association


Mr Kneepkens

Lab 14

Are you full of bright ideas about how to raise money for our school? Are you a budding entrepreneur? Do you want to learn how to bring your ideas to life? Do you want to learn how to run a successful, popular event or design a product that all the kids will want? Then this option is for you. The sky's the limit! Places are limited to 20 for this fun, high flying option.

Tukutuku Panels

Mrs Moka

Room 8

Tukutuku panels are an ancient and beautiful Maori art form.  Students will take a brief look at the history of Tukutuku panel-making and learn about the significance of traditional patterns, materials and colours.  They will then design and weave an original Tukutuku panel to take home.  

Not suitable for students who took this option last year.


Miss Mills

Room 5

Design and create your own scarf to keep you warm over winter! Students will learn different knitting skills and techniques, and then use what they have learnt to knit their own scarf.

Soft Toy Making

Mrs Baines

Room 17

Learn basic sewing skills while making cute little soft toys to take home. We will be making rainbow fish, dinosaurs, monsters and much more! These will make great presents for family or friends.

Girls Self Defence

Mrs Baines

Youthtown Room

Do you want to learn techniques and skills to defend yourself? Do you want to learn ways to keep yourself safe? This is a girl’s-only option where the focus is on self-defence and personal safety. You will be taught by a qualified instructor from Upper Hutt Self Defence.

The song within us all

Mrs McRae

Music Room

Is there a song writer inside of you? Do you want to be heard? Do you want a chance to express yourself and perform on a stage? Then this option is for you.

P.E. Skills 101

Mr Whitfield

Room 13

If you are not the first person to be picked for the team, or if you lack confidence because you don’t have good games skills, then this is a great opportunity for you. This option is only for those who want to improve their ability in a range of basic sports skills. Give it a go, and you may become the star of your class!

Papier Mache Sculpture

Mr McKay

Room 6

Do you enjoy model-making and 3D constructions? You can use Papier Mache (glue and paper) to create amazing figures. Its gluggy and gluey so be prepared to make a bit of a mess! You need to be someone who can focus on a task independently over the 8 weeks.

Not suitable for students who took this option last year.

“Tool Time”

Ms Watson

Hard Tech Room

We will be looking at the wide range of tools and materials in the workshop and will learn how to use them to make awesome products to give away. There will be a focus on citizenship!

Curriculum Development (List B)

Hip Hop Dance

Miss Finnigan

Dance Studio

If you have an interest in dance, then this option could be for you! Over 8 weeks we will look at Hip Hop choreography; have two sessions with a professional choreographer and work toward a final performance fit for the stage.


Ms Jury

Room 1

This option is for students who would benefit from extra mileage in Literacy and Numeracy. It is a fun, games-based programme that at times, will include the use of iPads and chromebooks. If you are working just below standard in Maths, Writing or Reading, and are keen to bridge the gap, and boost your levels, then come and join this option.


Mr Kleinjan

Room 11

Explore a variety of animals from around the world, looking at their behaviour, habitats and place in the food chain. We will start off by looking at some animals at the top of the food chain; apex predators!

Not suitable for students who took this option last year.

Library Merit

Mrs McCracken


Fancy developing your researching knowledge and skills to help you to find the answers to those tricky questions? Would you like to know how Libraries can help you advance your own knowledge? AND how about earning a merit badge in the process? Then let’s go!

The Next Einstein

Mr Hinton

Room 2

Do you love science? Have you always wanted to be a scientist? Come and learn about the world of science. This option will involve lots of investigating, and a few experiments!

The Food Challenge

Ms Delaney

Food Tech Room

This option gives you opportunities to learn more about nutrition, food preparation, skills and food safety. Come and enjoy heaps of fun activities that promote health and well-being. We will complete a range of theory and practical sessions working towards completing the “Food Challenge” certificate.

Work your body!

Ms Dee

Room 4

Would you like to understand more about what makes your body work? This option is a mixture of theory, and practical activities, that explore your anatomy and how your bodies work. We will be working our bodies through a series of muscle/cardiac specific physical activities.

Virtual Business

Mr Reid

Flight Deck

Learn how to use Google Sheets (and Microsoft Excel) to set up and run your own virtual business. Imagine that you are starting a new café in a busy tourist area, or you are wanting to manufacture high-tech skate boards, or design clothing for the export market. Will you survive or will you go bust? If you wish, you can develop your virtual business into a game, complete with scenario cards and player options. It's your choice!

NZ History

Mr Wells

Room 9

Do you have an interest in stories from the past? Do you wonder what makes New Zealand, New Zealand? Well, come and explore the history, the adventures, the struggles, and the rules that shaped us as the New Zealanders we are today. This will be theory-based, so if you enjoy finding the answers to interesting questions, and sharing your opinions, then this is for you.

Language & Culture (List C)

Te Reo Maori

Matua Patrick

Room 16

Learn some basic Te Reo Maori and impress your family and friends.  You will be introduced to Maori customs, waiata, toi and kai as well.  

Not suitable for students who took this option last year.


Ms Cooze

Room 19

Stage 1 Japanese. Kon nichi wa - ??????

Find out about Japan - the language, the country, the culture, customs and cuisine.

Polynesia – the Culture

Mr Solia

Visual Arts Room

Kia ora, Malo ni, Talofa lava, Kia orana. This option is structured around the disciplines of dance and music of the Pacific. You will learn songs and dances from Samoa, Tokelau and the Cook Islands. If you’re into singing, chanting and drumming, then come and experience the culture of Polynesia.


Mrs Sacherer

Room 7

Wilkommen - are you interested in learning about Germany, while developing your skills as a speaker of German? We will be learning introductory words and phrases as well as looking at different foods and customs from Germany.

Sign Language

Mr Spence


Did you know that sign language is an official language of NZ? Learn how to communicate using sign language. Discover the language used every day by many who are hard of hearing.. This can be another way to speak with your friends - a bit like a code!


Mrs  Owczarek

Room 3

Mandarin is one of the languages spoken in China. Learn some simple greetings and introductions, and find out about the Chinese culture; their customs, cuisine (food), festivals, and other facts about the people who speak Mandarin.


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