Our Values:



Our Vision:

To inspire positive self belief in learners to think critically and contribute meaningfully in an icreasingly changing world. 

Our Motto:


Welcome to Maidstone Intermediate: a school that caters for the needs of early adolescent students by providing a safe, stimulating and challenging learning environment. Our well trained, enthusiastic staff specialise in providing high quality learning programmes for Year 7 and 8 students.

How we behave towards each other at Maidstone is guided by our six core values: Respect, Responsibility, Manaakitanga, Integrity, Team work and Courage. We encourage a positive attitude and reward real effort. We know that when we work together in a supportive and      engaging learning environment we optimise the potential for success.

 Our students are challenged to develop their skills and talents through a broad range of learning experiences. We offer a number of specialist ‘hands on’ programmes in Technology       including Foods, Fabrics, and Hard Materials. All students complete courses in Visual Arts and Performing Arts with specialist teachers. Extensive opportunities to participate in a variety of cultural and sporting activities and events, are also provided.

We pride ourselves on developing leaders. Our students are encouraged to take on a range of ‘real life’ responsibilities that will develop their leadership skills. Students of this age group   excel  in these areas and make a worthwhile and valued contribution to the running of our school. We understand the importance of strong partnerships with parents and caregivers. By working together we increase the chances of developing self-reliant and motivated learners, eager to  experience new challenges. We encourage parent enquiries and participation through PTA, class trips, and school events.

 At such an exciting time in their lives, as they move from childhood to early adolescence, we aim to broaden their horizons. We believe that authentic learning happens when we discover something to be passionate about. In order for your child to find out what their passion is, we encourage you to help them to participate as fully as possible, in all that Maidstone  Intermediate has to offer.


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