School Fees and donations 2021


Maidstone Intermediate has opted into the School Donations Scheme.  This means that parents/caregivers will not be asked to pay for curriculum related trips and events.

The only cost in 2021 will be a Materials Technology fee of $15 to cover the cost of take-home items your child will make in the programme. 

Sports Events Costs: students may opt-in to a variety of sports opportunities.  Transport costs and fees associated with sports events will be met by the students involved. 

Other ‘Opt-in’ programmes may incur a charge to students who participate. eg William Pike Challenge, AIMS Games

Overnight camps are funded through Parent/Caregiver donations.  The donation amount is set in order that the total costs are met.  The school cannot fund these Camps so relies on the goodwill of parents/caregivers to pay the donation.  There is no camp in 2021. 


The school account number is 12 3142 031 9918 00. Please use your child’s surname and first initial as a reference, and the reason for the payment as the ‘code’. Payment can also be made at the school office by EFTPOS or Credit Card. If giving money to your child to make payment a ‘drop box’ is located in the school foyer. Place the money in one of the envelopes provided, fill out the requested information, and place the envelope in the drop box.


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