Student Opportunities                  


At  Maidstone there is something for everyone.  Whether you are sporty, academic, creative or even if you haven’t quite worked out who you are yet. Teachers are there to guide and support your decisions and to help you make the right choices.

Leadership Options

At Maidstone we foster students leading learning and extra curricular programmes. Our Tuckshop is run by students, with the oversight of Mrs Lisa Brown. Our Lunchtime Sports programme is lead by our referees with overall organisation by Ms Finnigan and Mr Hinton. The Student Representative Council consists of two student leaders from every class, facilitated by our Principal; Ms Mary O'Regan. We also have Performing Arts Leaders who work closely with Mrs Shannon Dean to develop opportunities to engage in and enjoy Music, Drama and Dance beyond the classroom. We also have our Cultural Leaders, our Rangatahi Maia students; these students lead our Cultural Group; Hinepohatu, at Maidstone as they closely work with Matua Patrick.

Options Programme

The opportunities on offer at Maidstone are endless. After being in food technology you might want to become a chef.  After performing arts you could become a famous musician, dancer or actor.  The Personal development options are another great way to get out there and try new things.

These programmes provide a wide range of activities for students to select from. They operate throughout Friday and include activities that provide a Personal Development, Leadership, and Cultural focus. Option choices will be provided for learners at the end of Term 1. 


‘Whiriwhiria ngä mea ki te tupu ake’ – Choose options that will help you grow!


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