The student representative council 2018



Kia ora, we are the leaders of the Student Representative Council (SRC) 2018. SRC is a wonderful opportunity for young leaders here at Maidstone Intermediate. They are selected by each class and their role is to be the student voice, and help improve the school. Maidstone Intermediate is full of great opportunities for young minds to grow into responsible citizens of the future. We offer a large range of learning programmes. We have the classroom programme but there are extras, like; Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Foods Technology, Material Technology, and Digital Technology. There are also performance and cultural programmes; maybe you’d like to join the Band, or Kapahaka? The learning programmes help students learn with everyday basics, and allows students to express their talents, and to also grow the mind of a leader. Maidstone Intermediate is a smart option for young students to come for further education, and to create relationships with friends and teachers. Maidstone offers many opportunities for students. Whether it be sport, academic, creativity or cultural, there is something for everyone. Trying to find where your interests lie? Then our Maidstone Options Programme will benefit you. Maybe you fancy learning a new language? Japanese, maybe Te Reo? Or maybe you’d like to make rockets, or soft toys? These are just a few of the Personal Development Options that you may try at Maidstone. Motivate, Inspire, Succeed is our motto here at Maidstone Intermediate. Our motto has a huge impact in our school. Our aim is to motivate and inspire our students to the road of success. This uplifts their learning journey and encourages students to explore and learn different things.

MacKensie Te Pohe, Carter Maule (SRC Leaders), and Bharvika Sharma (Secretary)


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