Technology/Hanagarau and Arts/Toi whakaari

# The Arts:

Visual Arts gives students the opportunity to generate their ideas in a variety of artistic forms. They are introduced to the elements, principles, and techniques of Visual Arts which enables them to learn about Art in their own and others’ culture through exploration, representation, imagining and creating artworks. Students are introduced to the creative process which enables them to broaden their ideas and imagination through research.

The Performing Arts programme is designed to give students the opportunity to learn the beginning skills of music, dance and drama. Through an integrated curriculum approach, students explore the creative process; translating ideas, thoughts, and feelings into original pieces of artworks and experiences. Teacher tuition on the keyboard and other sound experiences, allow students to manipulate sound in the music programme. In dance, they will improve their techniques, poise, self-confidence and creative ability to respond to a range of stimuli. Drama offers the students opportunity to explore their world through the ‘pretend’ in meaningful and fun contexts.

# Technology:

Materials Technology at Maidstone provides the students with opportunities to explore a wide range of resistant materials. They will learn about the properties of these materials and their suitability for use. Over the course of the cycle, students are introduced to many different tools including a laser cutter, and are shown how to use them correctly and safely. All work in Materials Technology follows a Design Brief, and by Year 8 student will be designing, modifying and producing products for an identified need. Students use rubrics to identify their next learning steps and are given on-going feedback to enable them to reach the specified outcomes.

Design Technology—Codebotiks is a programme that incorporates elements of both computer coding and robotics. Students are introduced to algorithms, the essential first step understanding needed to learn coding, and shown how this can be applied to solve challenges using droids and apps. Students learn to understand how technological systems use control to allow for the transformation of inputs to outputs. Put simply, program the robot correctly and it will complete the task.

Food Technology Learning in the Food Technology classroom has a focus on introducing the students to the Technology Process. Students will use the Tech Process to assist them in designing, making and modifying food products to meet a brief. The students will write a brief based around the need for healthy food for students that has been identified by them. Students will explore foods from other cultures and make products that they find new and exciting. Students will be taught food safety and hygiene, culinary skills and nutrition.


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