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Uniform Procedure

Students will wear School Uniform to and from school and during school hours. 

Maidstone sports uniform will be worn by students while participating in PE/sport lessons, and when representing the school at inter-school events.

Compulsory Items:

The official Maidstone Intermediate School uniform consists of these compulsory items:

Polo Shirts - choice of three colour options 

Footwear and sunhats 

PE Uniform

These items are optional:

The school jacket, long pants, scarf and beanie may be worn during the 2nd and 3rd terms when the weather requires it. 

 Jewellery & Make-up          

Students are not permitted to wear jewellery except for a watch and/or one pair of small, plain stud earrings. Significant personal cultural items may be worn, but are not to be worn during sport and physical activities. No responsibility is accepted for jewellery that is damaged or lost. Students are not permitted to wear make-up of any sort, or nail polish, while at school.



The school does not operate a second hand uniform supply.  Parents with uniform to sell are advised to advertise through Trademe or on the Countdown, or Mall Noticeboards.  We do accept donations of uniform to assist families as needed during the year. 




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